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“Story Maps use geography as a means of organizing and presenting information. They tell the story of a place, event, issue, trend, or pattern in a geographic context. They combine interactive maps with other rich content – text, photos, video, and audio – within user experiences that are basic and intuitive.” -ESRI

ARDC has seen great value in utilizing Story Maps to display information for various projects throughout the region. By utilizing this new innovative technology, we can create a fun, compelling way to present information to members of the community.

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Story Map Details
The Gitchi Gami Interactive Map Tour showcases the existing and proposed segments of the Gitch-Gami State Trail. Photos and GPS videos are featured in this map to highlight each segment. This map was produced for the Gitchi-Gami Trail Association for the promotion and future development of the trail. The Tour provides trail users helpful information about the proposed and constructed trail segments based on the Gitchi-Gami Scoping Document.

The Regional Sidewalk Inventory Story Map showcases sidewalk data collected by ARDC from around the Arrowhead region of Minnesota. The “Map Journal” format allows users to click or scroll through the database to view city sidewalk data throughout the region.

The Skyline Parkway Interactive Map tells the story of Skyline Parkway through videos, pictures, and photospheres for each section of the Byway described in the Byway’s Corridor Management Plan (CMP). This map was produced to assist planners and committee members with the visualization of the byway for the 2015 CMP update.

The Two Harbors Interactive Comprehensive Plan demonstrates the different aspects of the city's land use goals and policies and how they can be improved to ensure an optimistic future for the city of Two Harbors. These development issues include housing, economic, development, transportation, recreation and natural resources, and also intergovernmental realtionships.

The Paved Trails Inventory: Northeast Minnesota showcases all the different paved biking and walking paths that are located within the seven counties of Northeast Minnesota. This story map includes both exsiting trails and also proposed/planned trails in the region.

The Proctor Comprehensive Plan Story Map showcases the 2016 comprehensive plan update in an interactive format. The city wishes to build on community feedback and also from the feelback of the ARDC and the American Institute of Architects' Minnesota Design Team to make better their city's comprehensive plan.

The City of Cook Comprehensive Plan gives an insight to the community of Cook, Minnesota and how they are developing their city's comprhensive plan with the help of ARDC. With different pictures, text, and interactive maps this comprhenisve plan draft shows what the city of Cook is trying to do to better their community.

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