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The focus of the Safe Routes to School (SRTS) plan is to improve health, safety and transportation. The SRTS program goals are to get children out walking and biking in areas where it is safe. Where conditions are not safe, changes need to be made. The program is designed to be sustained with help of school staff, parents, students, and the local community. The is accomplished through encouragement, education,enforcement, engineering, and evaluation which in turn helps create a community where students can travel to school on their own and parents and school staff feel comfortable about their safety. Community collaboration represents the trure spirit of the program.

Planning Process:

The SRTS planning process has begun with an assessment of existing conditions which surround the school. Through onsite observation and parent/student surveys; safety concerns, issues and problems areas will be identified. The SRTS Plan will address safety issues through the development of goals and strategies, using the 5"E" approach. The education component includes teaching saftey skills and raising community awareness about SRTS. The enforcement aspect includes policies that address pedestrian safety issues such as speeding and illegal turns by vehicles. Engineering creates safer conditions for walking and biking, also influencing the way people behave. Encouragement activities get students, parents and community members out walking and biking with a goal of increasing participation. Finally, evaluation is used to determine if the aims of th strategies are being met and to assure that resources are directed toward efforts that show the greatest likelihood of success.

For more information of Safe Routes to School, visit the National Center for Safe Routes to School website:

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