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The Transportation Program assists local governments to make informed investments in their transportation systems. ARDC particularly works to develop alternative and sustainable forms of transportation for pedestrians and bicyclists. The Regional Planning Division also serves as staff to the Area Transportation Partnership, the Regional Transportation Advisory Committee (RTAC), and the North Shore Scenic Drive (NSSD) Council.

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Community Planning
ARDC works hard to help local and regional entities with improving communities. The Regional Planning Division serves as planning staff on an ongoing basis to several smaller communities that could not afford full-time planning staff on their own. ARDC also assists communities with comprehensive planning and ordinance development. The Division also has GIS staff available to assist communities with mapping and spatial analysis. ARDC is particularly interested in intergovernmental cooperation, and serves as staff to two regional entities-the North Shore Management Board and the Regional Housing Advisory Group.


Regional Planning Division Programs
NE MN Area Transportation Partnership (ATP)
North Shore Management Board (NSMB)
Northern Aero Alliance
Healthy Northland

ARDC Directions
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